Second Life FINALLY Allows In-World HTML

March 07 2008 / by Alvis Brigis
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Included in the latest Second Life (SL) code update is a feature that at long last allows in-world designers and programmers to incorporate html on objects. In other words, users will finally be allowed to import web content into the virtual world.

This comes as a relief to the many SL developers and futurists who’ve been clamoring for this for years, paving the way for myriad mash-ups and new forms of hybrid content.

Just imagine decorating your SL mansion with images found on the web, setting your avatar to display your Linked In profile when attending a networking event, organizing a wall of your favorite web feeds, or setting up just about any conceivable array of of web content. All of it linked and fully click-able. The collaborative, networking and entertainment possibilities are truly endless.

Thanks to these new steps, all of this will soon be possible on the increasingly popular platform, thus opening wide a whole new world of possibilities.

Also part of the new release is more physically accurate atmospheric rendering and lighting resulting in “vastly improved realistic water with reflections and glimmer” and ”’Glow” as a new object attribute.

(via Virtual Worlds News)

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  1. Check out the new tutorials for embedding video and webpages onto objects in Second Life here .

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   April 24, 2008
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