Natasha Vita-More's Insights For The Decade Ahead

March 18 2008 / by Venessa Posavec
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During a recent interview, futurist and media artist Natasha Vita-More gave us her forecasts for breakthroughs and trends over the next ten years. She warned that hard and fast predictions are a surefire formula for getting burned. Domains of knowledge advance at different rates, so it’s important to multi-track, or look at various domains simultaneously, when thinking about what’s to come. The world we live in is a massively complex and adaptive system, and how it will evolve is anyone’s guess. That being said, here are Natasha’s insights and hopes for a brighter future:


Wikipedia falls short: “It is unveiled that Wikipedia is run by a few people that dominate its information base. I think that Wikipedia may find itself in a lot of trouble for manipulating knowledge, and presenting itself as a knowledge bowl media source of information, where it’s not such.”

We Will Develop A New Species: “It’s already on the drawing board, and has been happening.”

Investing in Nano: “As far as investing in technologies, I think nanotechnology will be developing more and more patents.”

Hopeful about Space Travel: “I think it would be absolutely fabulous if we actually figured out a way to have space tourism. “

The US Cleans Up Its Act: “That would be my hope, that something extraordinary happens, where the United States quits dictating other cultures of people how to live and how to behave, and we just kind of take a step backwards and become a kinder, more intelligent nation again.”


Natasha has some big hopes for the next five years, but admits that they would be based on the advances in powerful technologies. “I think a lot of our promise for making trends or predictions for this timeframe would be based on the ability to get nanotechnology through and get it working and solving some problems.”

Regenerative Medicine: “I think we’re going to be able to regenerate many organs of the body instead of having transplants, and that could be through cloning a cell from that organ, or having nanomedicine, or genetic engineering regenerate the organs.”

Reversing Aging: “I think reversing aging will take even greater strides within this timeframe, because plastic surgery and regenerative medicine there is really taking leaps and bounds.”

Improving Transportation: “It would be lovely if there was a new methodology for transportation, like we shared automobiles – picked one up and dropped one off at locations, I think that would eradicate a lot of the problems.”

Saving the Planet: “I think one of the trends in this timeframe that would be near and dear to everyone, that science and technology and smart thinking develops ways to actually reverse global warming trends.”


In ten years, Natasha’s focus shifts to social issues and human rights. “I think we will have a very different voting system on politics, and a very different outlook on how to govern nations, how to govern people.”

New World Councils: “I think that in 10 years, there may be a revitalizing of the United Nations, and there will be new types of world councils to deal with specific problems, so the United Nations will not hold a monopoly on how the world communicates.”

Women Gain Equality: “I think in 10 years we will see a very bountiful shift in the way women allow themselves to be treated in some of the areas of the world where there rights are extremely limited, and their whole personhood, their bodies, are shamed. With communication, and especially the internet and getting word out and these small grassroots groups that are helping these women, I think it will reach point where the self esteem and the pride and the sense of being will far exceed the rule of thumb posed on them by their religious brutes.”

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