FloDesign to Replace Traditional Wind Turbines?

March 28 2008 / by Marisa Vitols
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The following video (below the fold) was scanned into the Future Scanner yesterday by AlFin and demonstrates a remarkable new technology that may transform wind energy generation as we know it.

A Massachusetts-based company named FloDesign has taken on the mother of wind energy technology, the classic turbine, in an attempt to squeeze more energy out of the inefficient structures. As discussed in the video, traditional wind turbines only extract at most 50% of potential wind energy due to their shape, size and weight, making them less efficient than desired. The traditional design also requires special infrastructure for their production and transportation, making them environmentally problematic, as well as lots of land and remote spacing for utility and safety purposes, making them less cost-effective.

The FloDesign turbine, on the other hand, extracts up to four times more wind, compromises less land and is more stable. Check out this informational video produced by the company explaining why FloDesign technology is more efficient, safe, and environmentally sound:


Although we may miss the sight of traditional tall and elegant wind turbines dotting the horizon, FloDesign enables us to better utilize the wind energy around us and is surely something to be excited about.

Do you think FloDesign will truly replace traditional wind turbines? (why/why not in comment thread below)

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