Nanotech Will Enable You to Hold Your Breath for Up to 4 Hours

May 30 2008 / by Alvis Brigis
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At the recent Low-Volume Manufacturers Association conference, Boris Fritz, a senior engineer technical specialist at Northrop Grumman, said he expects nanotechnology in our lifetime to enable small devices called respirocytes that permit us to hold our breath for up to 4 hours.

“What you do is replace about 10% of your blood with these respirocytes and then you would have literally 4 hours where you can hold your breath,” lays out Fritz, “So if you had a problem with your heart stopping you could just leisurely call the hospital and tell them ‘Well, i’ve had a heart attack, my heart is stopped’.”

Or another option, as Fritz points out, is that “you could go scuba diving without any gear.”

Check out the full Fritz interview by Dean Rotbart, Director of the Low-Volume Manufacturers Association, here. (Would have embedded the vid, but the youtube code is buggy.) (cont.)

Fritz also does a good job explaining the concept of nano Utility Fog, which Future Blogger fave Dick Pelletier has written about extensively, describing it as “programmable material” that can change the shape an feel of the environment around you in a manner similar to how TV pixels are arranged into an image. He envisions that, “In the far future, you could think that you go on vacation and you dissolve your house and make it look like a park. Then you come back and you figure what kind of house you want and the foglets reform.”

“Now this isn’t virtual reality, it’s more like real reality because it’s made from foglets,” he asserts.

At that point, doesn’t it become clear that everything is virtual, rendering “physical” travel moot?

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