David Houle's Three Forces of the Shift Age

June 12 2008 / by Alvis Brigis
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I’ve been digging futurist David Houle’s new short video collection on YouTube, mostly because he succeeds at succinctly describing a variety of more or less complex forces. These are useful clips that I can show folks like my mom to help convey certain tricky concepts, much like the great acceleration primer that Jack Uldrich recently posted.

In particular, I found compelling Houle’s three 1-minute videos on the forces driving what he calls the Shift Age. Not only do they serve as a basic roadmap to the change ahead of us, they nicely convey the transformation of consciousness that will accompany this shift.

Houle’s first video describes a trend that he labels the “Flow to Global” which focuses on the notion that we are “beginning to develop a global conscience” and that “everything is reorganizing around global[ism]”.

Houle’s second post addresses the “Flow to the Individual”, an increase in choice that makes us “much more powerful as individuals than at any other time in human history”.


Houle’s third trend, “Accelerating Electronic Connectedness”, is the catalyst for the first two. He points out that “50% of every person on this planet has a cell phone” and that “this connectedness combined with computer use and internet use is creating a whole new reality of of our ability to communicate instantaneously with one another.”

“This is going to change our consciousness,” he argues.

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  1. This is very interesting. Houle certainly creates a safe space for others to participate in this type of conversation. His ability to create and use language allows a very broad audience to hear it. He has soft phrases and non-disruptive predictions, and both align with how we all generally see reality and the future. My prediction about this guy is this;

    The more memes (lingo) he can create and transfer to others, the more reality will support his predictions. Tolkein couldn’t just create Hobbits and have them exist in our world. He had to create languages, new realities that matched well. The same goes for this dude. The larger the world he can create with language, the more the world will participate, the more the world participates, the more his predictions become reality.

    This is all just my opinion.

    Posted by: Peltaire   June 13, 2008
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  2. I agree that Houle’s language is very accessible. This will be important in the acceleration era as people tend to go polar on ideas.

    Posted by: Alvis Brigis   June 13, 2008
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