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June 16 2008 / by Marisa Vitols
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Here at MemeBox, Sunday is the day we look back at all of the Future Blogger posts and Future Scanner scans in an effort to distill and recognize the best of what you, the community, have contributed to the site throughout the previous 7 days.

Future Scanner of the Week: juldrich for scans including Get Prepared to Unlearn at Warp Speed and Heart Surgeons as Video Gamers.

Future Blogger of the Week: Accel Rose posts including What Augmented Reality Might Look Like and Dixon: Death of Paper More Than a Decade Away.

Future Scan of the Week: 3D printer replicates itself: China on your Desktop
- Scanned by garrygolden

Future Blogger Post of the Week: Accelerating Deception and Memetic Evolution
- Written by Alvis

Congratulations, winners!

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