Google's Vint Cerf Predicts Video Downloads Will Soon Replace Streaming

June 25 2008 / by Alvis Brigis
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Google’s Vint Cerf, the man that many refer to as the father of the internet, says that widening bandwidth and data transfer speeds will soon allow video downloading to rival, then replace, video streaming as the primary mode of online video consumption.

“What I’m foreseeing frankly is that video will be used in download mode more than it will be used in streaming mode as time goes on,” predicts Cerf, “A gigabit per second would let you download an hour’s worth of video in 16 seconds, kind of like what happens with iPod where you can download music faster than you could listen to it.”

Check out his interview on here:

“I anticipate that a lot of video that people will watch will have been downloaded and then played back whenever they want it, sort of Tivo style,” says Cerf.

What will this all mean for the consumer and Cerf’s behemoth employer? (cont.)

“I am also expecting to see video as an interactive medium, which means that advertising in that medium will have to change. Instead of having something which is forced on you at the moment when the scene gets all exiting people will want what they have now in the Google world where they can decide which advertisements to watch or not.”

Seems like A LOT of Google-thought is going into the near-term future of video, which hopefully will bode well for the average American and worldwide video viewer.

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