And the weekly MemeBox awards go to...

July 14 2008 / by Marisa Vitols
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Here at MemeBox, Sunday is the day we look back at all of the Future Blogger posts and Future Scanner scans in an effort to distill and recognize the best of what you, the community, have contributed to the site throughout the previous 7 days.

Future Scanner of the Week: dvorak for scans including for scans including Nanotube-Coated Pot Boils Water FAST and Seattleā€™s Ban on Plastic and Styrofoam.

Future Blogger of the Week: mycophage for posts including Stressor-specific hypersensitivity in the long-lived mole rat and Hourglass: a blog carnival of biogerontology.

Future Scan of the Week: First DNA Molecule Made Almost Entirely Of Artificial Parts
- Scanned by Bora

Future Blogger Post of the Week: All cancer deaths could be eliminated within 7 years, officials predict
- Written by futuretalk.

Congratulations, winners!

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