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September 16 2008 / by memebox
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Hungry for some future memes? Here are some of the best future-focused conferences and events coming up this week!

Tuesday, Sept. 16

Web 2.0 Expo (Sept. 16 – 19) (New York)
NYTVF Digital After Dark (New York)

Wednesday, Sept. 17

Worlds in Motion Summit (Austin, TX)

Thursday, Sept. 18

Actionable access to information powered by the Semantic Web (New York)
NYC Bio Meetup (New York)
New Developments in Semantic Technology for the Enterprise (Washington DC)
The Robot Group Inc. Meetup (Austin, TX)
Transhumanists Meetup (Boston)

Friday, Sept. 19

Life Extension and Youth Extension, discussion over caffeinated beverages (Seattle, WA)

Saturday, Sept. 20

Bay Area Green Energy Ideas and Opportunities Group Meetup (Sunnyvale, CA)
September NYC Future Salon Future of Cities (Little Bigs format) (New York)
Transhumanist Meetup (New York)

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