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Getting Serious About Gaming
Scanned by: Antonio Manfredi over 10 years ago
Games with a Serious Purpose Look to the fringe, and you'll see two promising areas for growth that aren't acknowledged by the report: the broad category of so-called serious games and the newer attempts to meld gaming with the social-networking features of Web 2.0. (To be fair, PwC does note the popularity of World of Warcraft, the MMOG (massive multiplayer online game) with 8 million players worldwide, and it acknowledges the growth in online games, the fastest-growing consumer-spending segment in the U.S. and Europe/Middle East/Africa regions.) Notably, both nascent markets reflect a shift from thinking about games as products to understanding them as services.
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Nice post Shucksy. The recent talk of the metaverse has had me thinking about such a shift : 1) websites toward viewing themselves as games and 2) games viewing themselves as websites. Were I just entering college I’d seriously think about a game design / game theory / neuro-economics Major.

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