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UK 100% Powered by Renewables by 2020
Scanned by: Marisa Vitols over 10 years ago
Britain is to embark on a wind power revolution that will produce enough electricity to power every home in the country, ministers will reveal tomorrow. The Independent on Sunday has learnt that, in an astonishing U-turn, the Secretary of State for Business, John Hutton, will announce that he is opening up the seas around Britain to wind farms in the biggest ever renewable energy initiative. Only weeks ago he was resisting a major expansion of renewable sources, on the grounds that it would interfere with plans to build new nuclear power stations.
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With all of the wind farms going up in Northern Europe one has to wonder how it’s all going to affect wind patterns. It’s gotta be a heeluva lot better than burning fossil fuels though.

Posted by: FutureFly over 10 years ago | Vote for this comment - Recommend


Uh, wind farms affecting wind patterns?? Don’t you worry your pretty little head. Buildings have more of an impact but even they are of no concern with respect to wind patterns. Now all the hot air coming from Dr. Hilford is another matter all together.

Posted by: Mitermo over 10 years ago | Vote for this comment - Recommend


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