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Next-Gen Wired Cars Predict Crashes
Scanned by: Fishka over 9 years ago
Cars are already computers on wheels, and so it won't be long before they come with their own wireless connection. A new prototype system for cars that builds on the inevitability of this technology could make commuting safer by alerting drivers of traffic jams and potential collisions. The Collision Warning System could save lives. It could also help usher in the age of the connected car, where vehicles communicate with each other and the Internet. An active system could see with a 360-degree field of view, and predict collisions up to 1,600 feet away, even at high speeds. To test how such a system might work, Jose Ignacio Herrero Zarzosa's team Reposit in Boecillo, Spain is looking at combining GPS, an increasingly common navigation tool, with a communication protocol called Vehicle2Vehicle (think Wi-Fi for cars).
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