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Google: to be 'Very Significant' in display ads by '09 (page removed)
Scanned by: Accel Rose over 9 years ago
Following the EU's approval of Google's DoubleClick acquisition: Google Inc. (GOOG) expects to have a "very significant position" in the online display advertising market by 2008-09, the Internet giant's top North American ad executive said Monday. "We would be disappointed in 2008-2009 if we don't have a very significant position in the display-ad marketplace," said Tim Armstrong, Google's North American president for advertising and commerce. He also said Google considered its video-sharing site YouTube as the " brightest light" for the company's display-advertising potential. Speaking at the Bear Stearns Media Conference in Palm Beach, Fla., Armstrong said Google's advertising platform will evolve over time so that it won't distinguish between search and display ads.
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