Social Media - 2008

The Future of Social Media: what NOT to do (example: music industry) )
Scanned by: gleonhard over 9 years ago
From a 2008 presentation at the Blogres conference, by Futurist Gerd Leonhard, video and PDF. Some highlights: Key Trends * All that can goes digital... very fast * All that can connect, will * Storage is becoming almost free * Bandwidth is becoming cheaper all the time * Most ‘computing’ goes mobile * Devices become “Me” i.e. personal (invisible technology) * Media goes ‘social’ * Content will “feel like free” (i.e. bundled & flat-rated) * ‘Old’ style Advertising & Marketing won’t work here! Forget the word 'Consumer" * It’s a 2-way conversation now! * Happy users will now do some of the marketing for you * Interested users now supply ideas and ‘content’ * Engaged users now provide images, videos, text, music... * Loyal users now want to have conversations with you * The Internet is finally becoming a ‘social’ and cultural web where Brands that influence Culture do better * In 2-3 years, there will be no more offline or online * The kids are now the Authorities!
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