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`$100 laptop' group reboots Give 1 Get 1 offer
Scanned by: GavinChua over 9 years ago
The One Laptop Per Child project is set to resume its Give One Get One promotion for its kid-friendly computers Monday with logistics help from Web retailer Inc. With Give One Get One, shoppers spend about $400 to buy one of OLPC's rugged green-and-white XO laptops and donate a second to a child in a developing country. Cambridge, Mass.-based One Laptop Per Child, a nonprofit, sells the XO machines to governments in developing countries that give the computers to schoolchildren. The laptops use less power than regular PCs, and are designed to work in demanding, rural conditions. Almost all of them run open-source software, but versions that can run Windows are expected to be available next year. About 473,000 XO laptops have been distributed in 31 countries, with nearly 200,000 more waiting to find their way into schools.
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