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The Future of Man--How Will Evolution Change Humans? (page removed)
Scanned by: Jeff Hilford over 9 years ago
Contrary to popular belief, humans continue to evolve. Our bodies and brains are not the same as our ancestors' were—or as our descendants' will be
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Maybe I am guilty of romanticizing the cosmic relevance of the human species, but I am inclined to believe that human evolution is very real and happening. However, physiological and biotechnological developments aside, I think human evolution is largely memetic. Being what physicist Michio Kaku calls a “Class 0” species, we are faced with the possibility of extinction as we approach critical mass on this planet. Since species that fail to evolve go extinct, and since humans evolve by learning, there exists a simple reality: learn or die. We have evolved up to this point in our global culture pretty slowly compared to the kind of memetic evolution that is now taking place, and especially compared to the memetic evolution that will soon occur. At almost exactly the same exponential rate, our threat to the planet and its inhabitants (including ourselves) is also accelerating. I, like most people, am betting on us to overcome the crucial point, but regardless, it’s a fascinating time to be alive. A look at the now semi-well-known graph showing the Law of Disruption would place us somewhere pretty high up on the steep part of the graph.

Posted by: Adam Cutsinger over 9 years ago | Vote for this comment - Recommend


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